Milestone Raspberry Wheat Beer

4 May

Name: Raspberry Wheat Beer
Brewery: Milestone Brewing Company
Type: Wheat Beer/Fruit Beer
Alcohol Volume: 5.6
From: Waitrose, Oadby
Price: £1.99
Drink: Cool
In short: The perfect beer for a weekend out in the sun, with a refreshingly fruit character

2013-05-03 17.20.33

I promised a fruit beer and so here I have delivered here with one of the more unusual wheat beers I’ve come across. It may also be the perfect summer beer, for lounging in the park or finally having that barbeque you’ve been trying to get together for the past year.

What we have, then, is Nottinghamshire’s very own Milstone Brewery Company and their Raspberry Wheat Beer. Now, this is the first wheat beer I’ve done and it’s worth reiterating that this is unlike most wheat beers I’ve had. As the summer weather sets in, I’ll review something quintessential but on seeing this I knew I couldn’t resist trying it. On balance, I’m very glad I didn’t.

On pouring, however, it doesn’t look too far off from a typical continental wheat beer – amber colouring and cloudy, although with a head that looks just a bit lighter than your normal wheat beer. When you add in the light bubbling, it looks like the perfect drink for the bank holiday weather.

2013-05-03 17.20.55

The taste is just a little different, however, with the sharp tang of raspberry coming in alongside the lightly fizzy texture that plays across the tongue. It’s a strong taste, too – the more beery tastes are almost completely obscured by the taste of berries. I must admit that I was a little bit put off initially by the sour tones of the raspberry, but they do give the beer a very refreshing character once I got more used to the taste. The texture certainly helped too, cloudy and with just a little bit of sediment. If anything, it reminded me of a cool scrumpy, if you’ve never tried a bottle conditioned wheat beer.

All in all, then, this is probably one of the best beers you can get for the bank holiday weekend of sun. Even if it rains, it’s still a good one to try.


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