Partizan Bobek and Amarillo

26 May

Name: Bobek and Amarillo
Brewer: Partizan
Type: IPA
Alcohol Volume: 7.0
From: The Offie, Leicester
Price: £3.85
Drink: Cool
In short: A fruity and intensely flavoured beer that holds nothing back. To be treated with respect.

2013-05-25 14.27.31

The best way I can describe this delicious pale ale from Bermondsey microbrewers Partizan is to say that it’s striking. The tastes, the texture, even the label. All are definitely memorable, and a real treat to enjoy with the sun and, for me, the end of the academic year. I’d probably have brought it for the artwork alone, but then again I can be remarkably shallow.

2013-05-25 14.33.11

Luckily for us all, this is definitely not a shallow beer. It’s worth pointing out that the label specifically told me to pour carefully. I definitely didn’t ignore this advice, and I definitely didn’t almost swamp my laptop with delicious craft beer. So follow my example and don’t ignore that advice, because this is a beer that is probably best described as ‘active’. Or possibly a bit volcanic. The colouring has something of the tropical about it, too; a muddy-golden complexion that looks just little bit like a mildly exotic cocktail (I may be doing cocktails wrong). That said, the aroma is one that is certifiably exotic, with tones of spiced citrus immediately apparent from just a quick smell.

As you may have guessed, the taste does not disappoint. It’s immediately fruity, with strong tones of grapefruit, with just a touch of spice, and hits the tongue with an irresistible force with a touch of yeasty fizz. The strength doesn’t hide either, especially after a few sips, but nor does it dominate the hoppy flavours; it’s a beer that certainly demands respect, but in a very agreeable way. I can imagine enjoying a bottle whilst relaxing on a beach somewhere or whilst relaxing on a sunny day in the back garden. If I was pushed to sum it up, I think volcanic captures the experience pretty well.

So definitely go and seek out a bottle at your local bottle shop, sit back in the sun and treat yourself. You know you deserve it.

PS: I don’t mention hops in anything but general terms for the most part, but it’s worth pointing out that the name of the beer is actually the hops that were used in brewing the beer. If you’re interested, I’d certainly recommended doing a spot of research.


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