Schneider Weisse Unser Original

14 Jun

Name: Unser Original
Brewery: Schneider Weisse
Type: Wheat beer (German Weiss)
Alcohol Volume: 5.4
From: The Salusbury Winestore, NW6 6NN
Price: £2.75
Drink: Cold
In short: A fruity, refreshing, and gently sour wheat beer that just about hits the spot.

2013-06-14 15.21.18

I’m back in London for a few days on the job hunting warpath and therefore away from my normal suppliers of fine beers, so I decided to go on a bit of an adventure to track down something to review. By which I mean I looked on the internet, naturally, and was led to North West London’s Salusbury Winestore, just off Queen’s Park. However, I got lost on the way and ended up wandering around Kilburn for a half hour, so it still counts as an adventure.

Once in the store, which also has a good selection of European and American beers I decided to bring back a bottle of Schneider Weisse’s Under Original for review. This beer, brewed to the same recipe since the founding of the Schneider brewery in 1872 it is described as being the first brew from a brewery who describe themselves as having saved Bavarian wheat beer. It’s probably the oldest continuously brewed German wheat beer.

2013-06-14 15.23.33

An illustrious heritage. But what about the beer? Well, it’s about as quintessential as its heritage suggests. In the glass it has a dark amber colouring and the large, frothy, head that you’d expect. On a reasonably warm today like today, it’s an especially inviting and refreshing proposition, especially if you’ve been wandering around north London for a good while. This impression carries on through to the taste, which has a slightly honeyed fruity taste with a distinctly sour edge. The fruity taste is little bit indistinct, with tones of banana and a touch of spice, but it nevertheless serves the purpose of refreshment well. This is definitely a beer of the summertime too, with a sparkling and frothy texture, enhanced by the subtle influence of the unfiltered yeast and wheat in this hefeweizen. Overall, it’s wonderfully refreshing with a crisp sour edge, even if the honeyed tones of the taste are somewhat indistinct at times.

Definitely one to drink in the sun, and I’m told it goes very well with a meaty picnic, too.


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