Samuel Adam’s Boston Lager

25 Jun

Name: Boston Lager
Brewery: Samuel Adams
Type: Lager
Alcohol Volume: 4.8

IBU: 35
From: Waitrose, Edgware Road
Price: £1.75
Drink: Cold
In short: One of the inescapable American greats. Also a decent lager.

Note: You might notice that I’ve added another field in the overview – IBU is essentially a measure of how bitter a beer is, with 0 being not bitter at all and 100 being as bitter as can be imagined.

American often gets some fairly bad press on this side of the Atlantic, which isn’t exactly surprising when Budweiser is one of the great stereotypical American cultural touchstones. There’s no denying that Budweiser and its light lager ilk are popular either, both here and in the states. I could go on about the American craft beer revolution of the past forty years and about how American styles have a well deserved influence in British craft brewers for quite a long time. But I could also review a widely available American lager that has far more class than a Coors or a Budweiser ever could.


This is Samuel Adam’s Boston Lager, a dark, malty, lager that can be found in a decent proportion of American bars and supermarkets, not to mention in many British shops. It was even on offer when I bought it. Brewed by the Boston Brewing Company since its founding in 1984, it’s the flagship beer of a company that brews a variety of other seasonal beers. Along with Sierra Nevada’s IPA and Anchor Steam, it’s one of the iconic (decent) American beers and works as a good introduction into the world of American beer.


On pouring it’s immediately noticeable that it’s a fairly dark lager, with a deep amber colouring that suggests malty flavours from the get go. It has a slightly thick and foamy mouthfeel, too, but not so much that the lager doesn’t go down perfectly and cleanly after a casual swig. The malts certainly come through in the taste, too, with slightly hoppy undertones that work to balance out the sweetness of the malts. There’s a degree of subtlety to the flavours, with some tones of citrus, but it’s an easy, and relatively uncomplicated drink to relax with after a long day doing whatever it is productive people do.



This is a rounded, balanced and perfectly drinkable lager, with just enough style to make it a more interesting experience than cracking open a Budweiser or Carling.


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