About Us

Do you drink beer?

If you do, then welcome! You may well be in the right place. I’m a beer nerd looking to share my love of the drink when it’s done well and of the pubs that serve it well.

If you don’t, then perhaps I can try and change your mind by showcasing the best of the beer world beyond the bog-standard. The amount of variety in the world of beer is astounding and it’s something I believe is best shared.

I’ll be bringing you reviews of the beers that catch my eye, the pubs that have drawn me in and on the art of beer as a whole, along with details of where to get the beers I’ve found and how much they cost.

If you’ve got a beer, brewer or pub that you think deserves a look then feel free to drop a comment on the Facebook page or under an article and I’ll take a look.

About the Beer Nerd

My name is Patrick Reckitt and aside from being a lover of beer, I’m a History undergraduate in Leicester. Or something. I also frown, apparently.


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